HealthTerm’s Translation module has set the standard for translation of large code systems, such as SNOMED CT. Standard translation is a 6-step workflow based on the selection of a subset, subdivided into smaller batches and the granting of rights (process responsibilities). The module has been optimised in a way that many parties can cooperate and allows for ongoing project management to follow the process via overviews and statistics.

In translation projects where the large 6-step workflow is not desired, it is possible to use ‘Quick Translation’, which is a fast track and yet fully controlled translation process.

Once translation projects have reached completion, it is possible to make changes using the EditTerm sub-module. EditTerm can e.g. find all concepts where numbers (1, 2, 3…) have been translated into (one, two, three…) and/or not fully spelled out. EditTerm lets you ‘retire’ the present translation and make a new term using the corrected translation.

Unique advantages:

  • Concordance match – finding similar translations and their translation stage
  • Workflow process for each concept including full history of who did what, when and their comments (if any)
  • EditTerm may be used for post-processing and correction of translations
  • Quick translation allowing for shorter workflows
  • Statistics and management overviews for following the translation process