The Subset module is one of the core components in the HealthTerm platform. It is used across many other modules to select subsets of the often very large code systems. All subsets built in HealthTerm are based on expressions, which means that subsets are expressed as rules – e.g. “all concepts in SNOMED CT, under ‘acute disorders’ and which have a ‘finding site’ relationship to the ‘kidney’.” This makes it fast, easy and precise to build relevant subsets, just like updating a subset to a new version, when a new version of the code system becomes available, is a simple re-run of the subset’s expressions.

Unique advantages:

  • All subsets are built on expressions
  • All expressions can be added, subtracted and/or intersected – just like you can build groups of expressions that can be added, subtracted and/or intersected
  • All subsets are versioned with a full history – changes are not reflected in the production version until explicitly published
  • Subsets can be built in workflow processes
  • Subsets can be exported to Word, Excel, text files or online web service calls
  • Subsets can be used to filter data in Web service calls.