The goal of CareCom is to take healthcare knowledge to the next level. With HealthTerm as our main product, we aim to have healthcare professionals across the world working together, sharing their professional knowledge in an efficient and secure way. That is our dream and our vision.

Why? Because we have a burning belief that we can contribute to the improvement of healthcare by our professional team and innovative and creative IT-solutions.

CareCom is based in Denmark. A small country in a big world: We are only 5.5 million people divided into five regions. Our healthcare system is a tax-funded, state-run, universal healthcare system and it is well-recognized internationally. In Denmark we’ve been very keen on technology in healthcare and have been among the frontrunners in this area for many years.

Our mantra is that terminology and classifications are the railroads of healthcare IT. During the past 15 years we have had the pleasure of developing this area by working with large-scale healthcare-IT projects in Canada, US, Denmark, Sweden, UK and many other European countries. Our focus has been on integration and terminology.

HealthTerm handles everything from language translations, mappings between code systems, subsets and all assignments that have to do with code systems, classifications and terminologies.

The main goal today should be to share more knowledge and information in order to make the worlds healthcare systems and processes more efficient.