regionzeelandcsc“Region Zeeland has a vision to move towards a more interoperable documentation and the nursing area is first in line. Their main purpose of adopting nursing problem list Subset and procedure codes of SNOMED CT® created in HealthTerm’s Subset tool is to facilitate the use of SNOMED CT® as the primary coding terminology for nursing problems and activities used in care planning, problem lists or other summary level clinical documentation. The use of a common list of SNOMED CT® concepts will maximize data interoperability among the wards and institutions. Local problem list vocabularies often need to expand to satisfy specific user needs. Institutions that are using their own nursing problem list vocabularies are encouraged to map them to SNOMED CT® with a focus on these nursing diagnosis concepts to facilitate data interoperability which this project involved. Nursing Problems based on a Subset of SNOMED CT®, does not include all the information likely to be required to make effective use of SNOMED CT® in an application like Clinical Suite, why next step is to add synonyms that may include more clinician-friendly terms than the SNOMED CT® names. “The project was a success and an implementation in the rest of the organization right away was a big wish from the nurses.” said Lykke Burmølle Andersen, CSC I the US Integrating nursing documentation based on SNOMED CT problem codes will also meet the mandate of Meaningful Use Stage One.”

– Region Zeeland & CSC