The HealthTerm Mapping module is similar to the Translation module. In this module the process is to link two different code systems instead of translation, but the process of selection and workflow control is the same.

Three types of mapping projects are supported – simple, multiple and clone. Simple deals with projects, where you make a selection (subset) from your source code system and place all of it in the same workflow. In multiple, the selections are subdivided into batches, which may be placed in different parallel workflows. In clone, you start out from an existing mapping and then modify it by placing it in a full or partial workflow. It is possible to make your own adaptation for a specific purpose.

Unique advantages:

  • Concordance Match – automatically finds the best match in the ‘target’ or ‘source’ code system
  • Workflow control of the entire mapping process with full history
  • Possibility of applying rules to a mapset such as 1-1, n-1, 1-n and n-n mappings (including post coordination), which are enforced on the mappings in the mapset.
  • Searching and filtering in code systems for easy extraction of the wanted concepts
  • Hierarchical view of the source as well as target code systems and a link to the browser’s Star View for a full overview