The HealthTerm Editing module is well suited to the maintenance and updating of code systems. This module handles the many complex rules for validation and classification of SNOMED CT and other large terminologies and code systems. HealthTerm’s validation engine facilitates the specification of all attributes for a concept, e.g. its legal result space, its cardinality, its sorting, its length and many more.

It is also possible to define code system specific validation rules, which the code system must pass in a validation process.

Unique advantages:

  • Maintenance takes place in ‘projects’, which can then be released to production through the publishing feature, and then accessed by other modules such as the browser and web services.
  • Bulk updates of single attributes can be performed
  • Work can be done in many dimensions – e.g. the core international system, its national extensions and regional or local extensions
  • Advanced setup and validation prior to publication
  • Custom validation rules for specific code systems.