SNOMED CT® with its more than 380,000 concepts, 900,000 terms and 1,400,000 relationships, was found to be the most comprehensive and detailed terminology.

The poly hierarchy and the possibilities to select different levels of granularity were advantages over the use of existing classifications. The reference model for SNOMED CT® was considered a robust offering with an evolutionary development, for multilingual use and language extensions. For these reasons, SST decided to translate the entire human medical domain of SNOMED CT® using the Translation Module in HealthTerm®. It was considered important to ensure that the terminology was adjusted to Danish conditions and that professionals, as well as patients and caregivers, can understand the terminology used. By using HealthTerm’s translation workflow the includes a strong quality assurance process, all translations have been evaluated by subject matter experts with different skillsets in a controlled environment.

The aim was that the output from the Danish translation project shall support clinical documentation in the HER, and use these entries as a basis for secondary use of data, including cross-disciplinary communication. Furthermore, the need for a granular terminology was counterbalanced with the need to produce the terminology within a short timeframe.

– The Sundterm-project, Sundhedsstyrelsen (SST/Danish National Board of Health)


What is HealthTerm?

HealthTerm is a terminology platform, developed by CareCom over the last 15 years for the international healthcare sector.


How does HealthTerm Work?

HealthTerm handles all tasks related to terminologies, code systems and structured content – from creation of a new code system to translation of international code systems or mappings between local code lists and international standards.


What makes Heathterm Unique?

HealthTerm is unique in having a full set of tools to create and maintain all types of code systems and at the same time, it has the performance/security to handle the biggest healthcare enterprises on run-time look-up.


Orion is excited to announce our migration to HealthTerm. The flexibility combined with the high quality control of HealthTerm's tooling is by far the best the market offers today. We offer our customers a complete tooling package with everything from ease of use, maintenance of local code systems and mapping to a huge range of standard code systems based on international process standards with workflow control and process statistics. Additionally the software enables handling multi lingual processing on the fly, patient friendly and clinician friendly terms. Thousands of subset for customers to use in their applications come as standard e.g. for quality measure reporting (CQMs) and detailed support for semantic ontologies.

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