about us 2

HealthTerm is a terminology platform, developed by CareCom over the last 15 years for the international healthcare sector. We call it a platform, as HealthTerm can handle all tasks related to terminologies, code systems and structured content – from creation of a new code system to translation of international code systems or mappings between local code lists and international standards. Likewise, it may be a part of a modern clinical IT system, in which all content is maintained and managed centrally – a so-called Master Data Management System. One of the strengths of HealthTerm is it’s multi-tenancy system, which combined with the fine grid user rights system, makes it suitable for enterprise level Software as a Service (SaaS) setup.

HealthTerm is unique in having a full set of tools to create and maintain all types of code systems and at the same time, it has the performance/security to handle the biggest healthcare enterprises on run-time look-up.