No matter whether you are a hospital, EHR vendor or a payer – the future lies in the integration of healthcare data. Enterprise terminology management is critical for interoperability, analytics, data warehousing, accountable care-related projects as well as population health.

Bringing data together from disparate sources – will inevitably create terminology challenges.

To be able to run efficient analytics, population health and have interoperability – you will need clean and standardized data to provide better care for the patients.

As we integrate more and more IT systems in our healthcare network, there is a demand for a central terminology management. Not only to normalize terminology, but also to ensure all systems are running on the same version of the content at the same time.

CareCom A/S is a Danish software company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company was founded in 1999 by CEO Jacob Boye Hansen and is today a leading global vendor of terminology server solutions within the healthcare sector.

Our product HealthTerm helps governments, hospitals and healthcare systems with normalization of clinical codes, mapping local laboratory codes to standards, supplying content for EHR systems, and we are experiencing an increasing demand for enterprise terminology management. Terminology for your entire enterprise – not only your EHR system or data warehouse. Data is becoming more and more important and critical in healthcare today – having a strong terminology foundation is becoming equally as critical.

HealthTerm is used within some of the world’s largest projects within EHR/HIE implementations such as Orion Health and was recently chosen to standardize all the vast amounts of data going into IBM Watson Health globally.


Jacob Boye Hansen

CEO and founder of CareCom A/S

Jacob holds a masters degree in Business Administration and Econonmics from Copenhagen Business School (CBS). He has been involved in national projects in several countries – e.g., testing the Danish Conceptional Model for EHRs, developing National Patient Registers and translating SNOMED CT into local languages. He has been deeply involved in the conceptual designing of the HealthTerm Terminology Platform. Jacob is the current chair of CHI-Leverandoerforum – a network consisting of the leading Danish healthcare IT-vendors.


Claus Flinck

Chairman of the Board

Claus Flinck is a senior Executive with extensive experience of corporate management from more than 30 years in the financial industry. Originally trained as a specialist in mainframe operating systems, Claus has later excelled as an IT executive combining his Executive MBA education with experience from top positions in the financial industry with such companies as Nordea, PFA and SDC. As the Chairman of the Board Claus takes a strong interest in the active development of CareCom and wholeheartedly supports the innovative and game changing strategies executed by CEO and founder, Jacob Boye Hansen