kennedycentret“The Kennedy Centre is a Danish national research- and consultancy centre in genetic head diseases. The Centre is using an EHR in their consultancy with patients. They have created a code system which consists of parts of ICD-10 and additional codes specific to their research to register the genetic disease diagnoses. It is a challenge to them to use a Danish local code system extension when they wish to publish their findings and statistics internationally. Therefore they conducted a pilot mapping project to ascertain whether the international terminology SNOMED CT could be mapped to their local codes in order to produce statistics internationally understood. The Kennedy Centre local codes were imported into HealthTerm. The first attempt was to map from SNOMED CT to their local codes using the mapping module in HealthTerm. They eventually realized that it would be easier to map the other way around. The mapping exercise then changed and they mapped from their local codes to SNOMED CT. The project was a success and the Kennedy Centre concluded that they have proven they can exchange their national statistical data with internationally understood information expressed in SNOMED CT.”

– The Kennedy Centre, Denmark